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“Volunteerism is a source of community strength, resilience, solidarity and social cohesion. It can bring positive social change by fostering respect for diversity, equality and the participation of all. It is among society’s most vital assets.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Secretary General's message on International Volunteer Day 2011

Beginning with the words “We the peoples”, the United Nations Charter reminds us that crafting solutions to global challenges is a job not only for Governments, but for people, communities and civil society.

On International Volunteer Day, we recognize the dedication of volunteers, their admirable spirit of service, and their wide-ranging efforts to promote the goals of the United Nations.
UNV supporting UNDP's Flood Response in Sindh

With a Japanese funding, UNV is supporting the UNDP's Flood Response in the province of Sindh. The overall objective of the programme is to support early recovery activities undertaken by UNDP Pakistan through mobilization of UN volunteers and the promotion of volunteerism by applying UNV’s business model which is built on the three main thrusts of (a) advocacy for volunteerism for peace and development globally, (b) integration of volunteerism into peace and development programming, and (c) mobilization of volunteers for peace and development.

Preventing gender-based violence by working with boys and men

Preventing gender-based violence by working with boys and men ,UN volunteer Rizwan Latif works as Outreach and Capacity Development Officer at ROZAN, an Islamabad based NGO groups, Pakistan Preventing gender-based violence by working with boys and men by Rizwan Latif UN volunteer Rizwan Latif (standing) works as Outreach & Capacity Development Officer at ROZAN, an Islamabad ... (more)

The long road to Skardu - reflections of an online-turned-on-site volunteer

"Overall, my visit to Baltistan was incredible. The students and citizens of this region are full of hope for their futures, but are in need of technical support and resources to help them achieve this vision of excellence," explains Kate Anderson Simons, who has been supporting GRACE Association Pakistan as an online volunteer since 2007.

An education consultant focusing on children affected by poverty, armed conflict, and lack of educational opportunities, she hopes that "through continued collaboration, the GRACE staff, partners, and volunteers can make this vision a reality." (more)

Volunteers support human rights over the Internet

Bonn, Germany: Online volunteers are sharing their professional skills to strengthen human rights advocacy in Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Online volunteers engaged via the UNV Online Volunteering service have been assisting the Association of Global Humanists and Ethics (AGHE), an NGO based in the remote Northern Areas of Pakistan. (more)



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